Earth Day Networking Ideas

Earth Day Networking Ideas

Earth Day Networking Ideas: 5 Simple Ways to Get People Thinking About You

It’s estimated that more than one billion people participate in Earth Day every year—so with Earth Day 2022 right around the corner on Friday, April 22nd, all professionals should be thinking of ways to take advantage of it.

‍Here at Quick Vcard, with sustainable networking initiatives like our Q Vcard smart business card offering and our partnership with One Tree Planted, we know a thing or two about doing our part to help the environment. We’ve put together a few ideas for you on how to communicate to your professional network that you’re serious about saving the planet.

‍Whatever You Do, Avoid Being Lazy

‍Earth Day is all about the health of the earth. The environment is a serious topic amongst consumers, which extends to your professional network. According to Statista, 45 percent of consumers surveyed stated that they were interested in finding brands that were sustainable or environmentally responsible. It’s not a stretch to imagine these same individuals are interested in finding people to work with who are sustainable or environmentally responsible.