7 Strategic Advantages of a QR Code Business Card

7 Strategic Advantages of a QR Code Business Card

33 million business cards are printed daily. Business cards continue to be the most effective networking tool for professionals, but there’s a twist. Most people toss business cards away without even looking at them. They don’t want to pull out their phones and enter the contact details from the card. A QR code business card (also known as Digital Business Card - vCard ) solves this issue.

vCard Maker helps you reach a broader audience and grow your network rapidly.

vCard Maker acts as your digital business card and allows you to share your contact information. By printing a vCard Maker QR code on your business cards, you can add digital capabilities to them. People can scan the code to reach your vCard Maker profile page and save your contact.

Let’s look at seven strategic advantages of QR code business cards.

  • Explore the new age of networking
  • Share contact instantly and grow your network
  • Share more information with a QR code business card
  • Revise content in real-time
  • Guide users to multiple online destinations
  • Empower employees with new-age QR code business cards
  • Leverage multiple channels for increased reach